Sideload Instructions

  1. Connect your ‘Nook‘ to your computer.
  2. Download your ebook. Right-click the download button below and select:
    • ‘Save link as‘ (Firefox or Chrome)
    • ‘Download linked file‘ (Safari)
    • ‘Save target as‘ (Internet Explorer)
  3. Save your ebook.
    • Save the ebook file to your computer desktop
    • Open up Windows Explorer (in windows) or Finder (in Mac) and select the device entitled ‘Nook‘ in the left column of the window
    • Drag and drop the ebook file from your desktop into the ‘Books‘ folder under the ‘My Files‘ directory
  4. Eject your ‘Nook‘. Improperly disconnecting your device can damage your ebook file making it unreadable.
  5. Turn on your Nook and your new ebook will appear in your ‘Library‘.