Kindle Fire HD

Device Direct Download Instructions

Note: In order to access your ebook, the file needs to be moved from the 'Downloads' folder to the 'Documents' folder on your device.

You will need an app to do this and there are several available that are free. If you already have an app installed that allows you to move files on your device then use that.

Download a File Manager app.

  1. Download your ebook.Tap the download button.
    Tip: Watch for the indication that the download is complete.

  2. Move the ebook file from 'Downloads' to 'Documents' folder.
    • Tap the 'Apps' tab and launch the File Manager app.
    • Tap the 'Download' folder.
    • Press and hold the ebook file to get a contextual menu, then select 'Copy''.
    • In the top left corner select 'Home', then the 'Documents' folder.
    • In the top left corner select 'Paste' and the file will appear.

  3. Access your book.You may need to restart your Kindle Fire for your ebook to appear in the 'Docs' tab of your device.